A playful, absurd mulitplot film exploring what it means to practice be good.

Fiction (in development)
Duration: 90 min

Supported by
Norwegian filminstitute  (NFI) - "Nye veier ideutvikling"

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making Sense Together (2018)

Through five close and personal testimonies, the film highlights power structures in the health service told by both users, relatives and employees. What does the feeling of powerlessness do to your mental health and to your own feeling of self? How is it to live with the feeling of powerlessness over a longer period of time? How does it affect the people that exercise power?

HD 16:9
Duration: 68 min

Director: Ellen Ugelstad
Script: Einar Sverdrup and Ellen Ugelstad
Cinematography: Audun G. Magnæs and Ellen Ugelstad
Producer: Twentyone Pictures

Supported by
Norwegian Filminstitute (NFI), Viken Film Center, The Audiovisual Fund Of Norway (FFLB), The Norwegian Extrafoundation for Health And Rehabilitation,
The Freedom Of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord),
Visual Arts Foundation (BKV) and Twentyone Pictures. 

Festivals & Screenings
Oslo Pix // 6th of June 2018
Oslo Pix politics // 7th of June 2018
SEPREP yearly conference// 8th of June 2018

The Green Valley (2018)


The Green Valley is a shortfilm that explores the connection between politics, art and dailylife in a multicultural neighborhood in Oslo. The film is inspired by three real events that took place in the director´s neighborhood.

Fiction / hybrid Short
HD 16:9
Duration: 25 min

Director: Ellen Ugelstad
Script: Einar Sverdrup, Ellen Ugelstad
Cinematography: Janne Lindgren
Producer: Substans Film / Twentyone Pictures

Festivals & Screenings
Nordic Docs, 2018

Supported by
Norwegian Filminstitute (NFI), South Norwegian Filmcenter, The Audiovisual Fund Of Norway (FFLB), The Freedom Of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord), Visual Arts Foundation (BKV), Norwegian Photographic Fund (NOFOFO), Norwegian Art Council (Kulturrådet), Substans Film and Twentyone Pictures. 

the meeting room (2017)

In this kafkaesque meeting a mother and her son is fighting a clogged bureaucracy that intensify the personal suffering it is supposed to remedy. The story is based on the directors own experiences with her brother suffering from schizophrenia. The film is inspired by both theater and documentary.

Documentary / Hybrid Short
HD Red 16:9
Duration: 14.49 min

Honorary Mention, Nordic Docs
The Hourglass, Writers Guild of Norway

Jury Statement The Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad:

This year’s HOURGLASS award is given by the Writers Guild of Norway, go to a film where the screenplay shines through a complicated piece of work. The film masterfully manages to describe a situation and tell a story that we as an audience know its fiction, but that always feels real. That´s not easy. The films have a clear and apparent story that helps us to understand the frustration and powerlessness the people in the film feels. It’s a story that moves us emotionally while we were watching and sticks around after we have seen it. It shows a side bureaucracy specifically mental health care, that cannot turn our backs to. How mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, often have to put their life on hold in order to care of their sick ones. All because the system is unable to take care of them. This year’s winner is an important film and though it’s a screenplay, it manages to portrait exactly this reality.

Director: Ellen Ugelstad
Cinematography: Audun Magnæs
Editor: Kirsti Marie Hougen, Ellen Ugelstad
Producer: Twentyone Pictures

Supported by
Norwegian Filminstitute LAB (NFI), The Freedom Of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord) and Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond

laurels_møterommet_til_nettside kopi.jpg

Festivals & Screenings

Look and Roll, Switzerland September 2018
Stavanger Theatre, Mental Health Concerence 2017
AMIFF, Artic Moving Image & Film Festival, Harstad, 2017
Høstutstillingen 2017
ØyaKino 2017
Nettkino, july 2017
Cinemateket, Norwegian Shorts
Nordic Docs 2017, Fredrikstad
The Norwegian Shortfilmfestival, 2017

I WRITE (2015) 

When are you too old to learn, when do you stop creating images in your mind? In this documentary we meet a group of people between the ages of 72 and 100 who attend weekly writing courses. The courses are led by professional writers. The film depicts the meeting between the authors and the elderly, giving an insight into some of the texts that are created when the elderly can be heard.

Documentary Short
HD video 16:9
Duration: 28 min.

Director: Ellen Ugelstad
Cinematography: Ellen Ugelstad and Cecilie Semec
Editor: Robert Stengård
Producer: Frokost Film

Festivals & Screenings
BIFF - The competition section for Norwegian short documentary film

SILENT TRILOGY (2014-2015)

Silent Trilogy consists of three music films and explores our relationship to reality. Everything Sank In You depicts the contrast between being enclosed at the institution and living close to nature. Leaving no Traces deals with the theme of nature and culture, while Science and Blood Tests explores the border between science and emotions, between sick and healthy.

Three music films
HD video 16:9
Duration: 15 min

Director: Ellen Ugelstad
Script: Ellen Ugelstad, Einar Sverdrup and Hanne Ramsdal
Cinematography: Audun Magnæs and Ellen Ugelstad
Editor: Karsten Menich and Ellen Ugelstad
Producer: Motlys and Frokost Film

Supported by
The Audiovisual Fund Of Norway (FFLB),
Norwegian Filminstitute (NFI)
Propeller Records


Indian Summer (2012)

When dreams and reality entangle, Torstein identifies himself as a Native American Indian. Indian Summer is the director's personal story about her younger brother, who has battling schizophrenia for 17 years. While feeling trapped in his illness as well as in the hospital, he dreams of being free - living close to nature. The film gives insight into the daily challenges of living and trying to cope with mental illness. 


Ellen Høstutstillingen.png

HD video 16:9
Duration: 67 min

Director: Ellen Ugelstad
Cinematography: Ellen Ugelstad
Editing: Kirsti Marie Hougen
Sound Design: Svenn Jakobsen / Technopilot
Producer: Mediamente and Twentyone Pictures

Supported by
The Audiovisual Fund Of Norway (FFLB), Norwegian Filminstitute (NFI), Health and Rehabilitation and NRK

Festivals & Screenings
Eurodok, Premiere
Dok Leipzig - International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
The Norweagian Documentary Festival, Volda.
Nordische Filmtage Lubeck
Nordic Dox, Bejing, China
The National Annual Art Exhibition 2012 (Høstutstillingen)
European Film Festival 'Integration You and Me'

Nominated for best documentary // Gullruten 2012 (Norwegian Emmy Award)
Nominated for best directing // Gullruten 2012 (Norwegian Emmy Award)
Nominert International Young Talent Award // DOK LEIPZIG
Nominated best documentary Volda // DEN NORSKE DOKFESTIVALEN
Nominert Nordic Dox Award // CPH:DOX

FLIP FILM (2000)

A sixty second animated trip on the bus in San Francisco.
The Flip-Book is a metaphor relating to both the still image and the moving image; each photograph exists independently as an image, at the same time they are intrinsically dependent on the rest of the images in order to create movement and motion. The photographs are thematically linked through the motif of transportation and individuals moving throughout the world.

Festivals & Screenings
50 festivals around the world

Screened at Minimalen in 2017 in the program Retrospective:
Film & Video Art in Norway, 1990-2000 curated by Farhad Kalantary.