Jury statement, The Golden Chair Award

This film was ambigious, yet elegant, drawing on real events to provoke complex questions about privilege and interconnectedness. Despite it dramatic implications, it maintained a sense of humor and playfulness that engaged throughout.

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The Green Valley is a shortfilm that explores the connection between politics, art and dailylife in a multicultural neighborhood in Oslo. The film is inspired by three real events that took place in the director´s neighborhood.

Fiction / hybrid Short
HD 16:9
Duration: 25 min

Director: Ellen Ugelstad
Script: Einar Sverdrup, Ellen Ugelstad
Cinematography: Janne Lindgren
Producer: Substans Film / Twentyone Pictures

Festivals & Screenings
Nordic Docs, 2018

Supported by
Norwegian Filminstitute (NFI), South Norwegian Filmcenter, The Audiovisual Fund Of Norway (FFLB), The Freedom Of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord), Visual Arts Foundation (BKV), Norwegian Photographic Fund (NOFOFO), Norwegian Art Council (Kulturrådet), Substans Film and Twentyone Pictures.