Ellen Ugelstad is a filmmaker and visual artist working with documentary, fiction and outreach. She was educated at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, where she lived for seven years, before she relocated to Oslo, Norway. Ellen recently received a five year working grant from the Norwegian Art Council.

Her documentary Indian Summer was nominated for the International Young Talent Award at DOK Leipzig, and Nordic Dox Award under CPH:DOX and received two nominations at the Norwegian “Emmy-Award” called Gullruten. The film was showed at the Annual National Art Exhibition at the Artist House in Oslo.

She has also collaborated with the band Highasakite about a music filmtrilogy and in 2017 she released the short film The Meeting Room. For this film she won the Writers Guild Hourglass award for best script and got a honorary mention at Nordic Docs. Her recent film Making Sense Together premiered at OSLO:PIX in june 2018 and was nominated for best nordic documentary.  The film is inspired by both theater and documentary and investigates the powerstructures in psychiatry. Her short film The Green Valley (2018) premiered at The Norwegian Short Filmfestival in Grimstad where it received the Golden Chair Award for best short film.


The Green Valley, (2018), fiction 24 min.
Making Sense Together, (2018), hybrid documentary 68 min.
The Meeting Room (2017), docu-fiction 15 min.
I write (2015), documentary 28 min.
Silent Trilogy, three musicfilms for the Norwegian band Highasakite:
Everything Sank in You (2015), documentary 5.14 min.
Science and Blood Tests (2015), fiction 5 min.
Leaving No Traces (2014), fiction 4.30 min.
Indian Summer (2012) personal documentary 69 min.

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