Through five close and personal testimonies, the film highlights power structures in the health service told by both users, relatives and employees. What does the feeling of powerlessness do to your mental health and to your own feeling of self? How is it to live with the feeling of powerlessness over a longer period of time? How does it affect the people that exercise power?

Documentary, 2018
HD 16:9
Duration: 68 min

Director: Ellen Ugelstad
Script: Einar Sverdrup and Ellen Ugelstad
Cinematography: Audun G. Magnæs and Ellen Ugelstad
Producer: Twentyone Pictures

Supported by
Norwegian Filminstitute (NFI), Viken Film Center, The Audiovisual Fund Of Norway (FFLB), The Norwegian Extrafoundation for Health And Rehabilitation,
The Freedom Of Expression Foundation (Fritt Ord),
Visual Arts Foundation (BKV) and Twentyone Pictures. 

Festivals & Screenings
Oslo Pix // 6th of June 2018
Oslo Pix politics // 7th of June 2018
SEPREP yearly conference// 8th of June 2018